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A coup against Elon Musk's EV

Is Elon Musk's empire losing its electric crown to Toyota's secret innovation?

A bull head to head with a bear and a text caption of "Weekly Brief" which represents the Bull and bear market this is relate to our weekly brief which is an overview of what happened during past week in the market

Welcome to Wealthor's Weekly Brief, your comprehensive overview of the most significant events that took place in the past week


Tesla and BYD, two leading players in the EV industry, made significant strides during the second quarter. Tesla achieved record-high deliveries, surpassing investor expectations and closing the gap between production and deliveries. Similarly, BYD, supported by Warren Buffett, reported its best-ever quarterly sales, benefitting from improved economic growth in China. Despite their success, Toyota, known for its slower rollout of EVs, made a major announcement regarding groundbreaking battery technology.

Connecting The Dots:

Tesla's impressive delivery numbers and BYD's soaring sales demonstrate their dominance in the EV market. However, Toyota's recent breakthrough in solid-state lithium batteries could be a game-changer. This innovative technology promises to reduce battery size, cost, and weight significantly while enabling EVs to achieve a range of approximately 750 miles and charging times of 10 minutes or less. This development positions Toyota as a serious contender, narrowing the gap with Tesla and BYD.


Where there's EV battery smoke, there's not always fire: While solid-state lithium batteries offer numerous advantages over current batteries, they require a higher amount of lithium. As lithium prices rise and geopolitical tensions surround its supply, the viability of solid-state batteries remains a crucial consideration.

Recycle the present, save the future: As the push for EVs continues, countries like the US and its allies are exploring battery recycling as a sustainable solution. Not only does this approach address the issue of end-of-life EV batteries, but it also enhances the domestic supply of critical battery metals, reducing reliance on China.


The EV market is witnessing exciting developments, with Tesla and BYD leading the charge. However, Toyota's breakthrough in solid-state lithium batteries marks a potential turning point. As an investor or reader, consider keeping a close eye on these advancements. The evolving landscape presents opportunities to evaluate the impact on market dynamics, the sustainability of battery technologies, and the potential for new investment avenues. Stay informed, and seize the possibilities that emerge in the dynamic world of EVs.

Also On Our Radar:

In other news, Saudi Arabia and Russia recently announced plans to extend or increase oil production cuts in August. This decision has sent oil prices rallying, highlighting the ongoing efforts to balance supply and demand in the global energy market. this development adds further complexity to the conversation surrounding the future of energy as EV demand continues to rise. While new players emerge, the demand driven by oil production cuts may ultimately shield Elon Musk and his vision from the attack of competition.



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