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Become Your Own Investment Advisor and maximize your Financial growth with Wealthor’s

AI Asset Management App

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Powered by The Double Alpha-factory. Trusted by German Financial Institutions since 2017.

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Stop Losing Money, NOW!

82 m2
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47 m2

2010                                                   2015                                              2020                                     2025

Purchasing power of 250.000€ in Germany 

Start Your
Self-directed Investment Journey

Tailor your strategy 

Define your investment strategy based on your goals, values, and interests. Create an AI-driven diversified portfolio.

Connect to banks & brokers

Begin investing by connecting your Bank/Broker accounts and gain a complete overview of your assets.

Manage your wealth

Use our smart tools and AI assistant to actively track and Boost your wealth.


Save time and perform better

AI Assistant

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Leverage the Power of AI: Ask questions about your investment and receive customized information that simplifies complex decisions.

Wealthor app AI assistant screen
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Smart Wealth 

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Track the performance of your portfolio with our tracking tools and boost your investment with our boosting push notifications 

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Unified Assets

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All Your Assets, One Platform: Connect to your bank or broker and centralize Your investments for better oversight and Control.

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Education Hub

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Wealthor’s Education Hub Tailored for DIY Investors: Expand Your Investment Knowledge with our educational content 

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  • Is Wealthor available in my country?
    Wealthor is only available in the EU at the moment. We will let you know if we expand to countries outside of the EU.
  • How secure is my assets with Wealthor?
    Wealthor provides maximum security, as it does not have access to the investor's assets. The assets are kept in the investor's bank account, broker account, or exchange account. Wealthor establishes a fully secured link to the investor's account, with the help of FinAPI (licensed by BaFin and certified by TÜV), to monitor assets and streamline processes.
  • Which markets are available on Wealthor?
    All major stock exchanges across Europe and the US
  • Which assets are available on the Wealthor platform?
    The Wealthor platform offers access to all stocks listed on the Nasdaq, S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, STOXX 600, and DAX.
  • How does Wealthor determine the stocks included in my portfolio?
    Wealthor employs a combination of fundamental analysis and quantitative algorithms to make investment selections. It takes into account the inputs and preferences of the investor, using them as parameters in its algorithms to ensure the selection aligns with the investor's goals.
  • What is “Boosting” in the Wealthor app?
    “Boosting” in the Wealthor app refers to the feature that lets users actively manage their portfolio in minimum time through Buy & Sell push notification alerts. Boosting alerts are designed to optimize your investment performance and enhance the overall score of your portfolio. The portfolio score is based on five criteria: Creditworthiness, Returns, Profitability, Diversification, and Valuation.
  • What is the minimum investment required to use Wealthor?
    You can start using Wealthor with as little as 500€ of investment. However, Wealthor's suggestions are best suited for investors with a minimum of 20.000€ in assets under Management. With 20.000€ or more in AUM, you will receive all the benefits of the Wealthor app, including a highly personalized and diversified portfolio, and can avoid over-diversification.
  • Can I make changes to my portfolio after it has been created?
    Yes, you can modify the inputs of your portfolio at any time.
  • Does Wealthor have a Web app, or is it only available as a Mobile app ?
    At this time, Wealthor is only available as a Mobile app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store. However, we are currently working on developing a Web app that will be available towards the end of 2023.
  • How can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription plan?
    To manage your subscription, navigate to the “Manage Subscription” section in your profile. Here, you can cancel your subscription or change your plan to either upgrade or downgrade. For upgrades, changes will be activated immediately. For downgrades, the changes will take effect after the current billing period ends for Apple users, and immediately for Android users. Upon downgrading, we will randomly select which linked accounts to exclude unless you have already removed the extra accounts yourself.

Take your next step towards
Financial Freedom

We believe that anyone who works hard deserves to achieve financial freedom & enjoy their life. This can be made possible with the aid of our technology and data-driven models.

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